What they say

“A must read to increase project success and decrease uncertainties.”
Adesh Jain – National President, PMA/Project Management Association (INDIA)

“The book contains real world project management experiences as opposed to theory. This is the stuff you learn on the job, but written down. Don’t expect a project management methodology or training course. This is what you learn from experience as a PM and the insights you are rarely taught in college or university. This book is full of useful insights, at a competitive price point.”
Projectsmart.co.uk Book Reviews (UK)

“Project Management made simple. What Vladimir does here is lays out the simple tips on how to give your projects the best chance of success. It’s not rocket science but how many of us follow the rules?
Spend a few pounds, keep this as a handy reference guide for your next project, follow the rules and be pleasantly surprised at how effective a project manager you can be.
I thoroughly recommend it. ”

Paul Hide – Vice President of European Operations, Sharp Electronics (UK)

“Going to make it mandatory reading for all Goodman Project Managers.”
Luc Lafontan – Group CIO, Goodman (AUSTRALIA)

“A good read, well thought out and put together. The non-technical presentation and the style quite debunks the idea of PM being musty and boring, rather than structured thinking and common sense.”
Martin Carey – Managing Director, Kroll Ontrack Legal Technologies (UK)

“A great concept with highly useful approaches you can use immediately on your next project! Not only does this book do an excellent job of capturing the most important lessons and “how to’s” in Project Management, but it helps you avoid the most common pitfalls you are likely to encounter. This is a “must read” for both aspiring Project Managers and veterans alike.”
Jon Reitan – Vice President of Program Management, AT&T (USA)

“It’s all there, really like the book spirit. We can see that the world of projects has no secret for you. The devil is definitely in the detail. Well done.”
Thierry Boisseau – IT Operations Manager/European Data Centre Industry (FRANCE)

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