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Ahead of “The 50 Golden Rules of Project Management” eBook launch on Russian webshops, we wanted to provide the Russian project management community with an overview. So here you are, the first 10 rules available for free on PDF – do share with Russian friends and colleagues involved in project management.

50 Golden Rules of Project Management Russian SAMPLE DOWNLOAD HERE

The Russian version of the eBook would have never been possible without the following people – many thanks to Sviatoslav Mikhailov & his team for the great translation (quite a project in itself), Ruslan Kaydashov for the project kick-off, and the team at Spiffing Cover for the design.

Hoping the book finds its place within the Russian Project Management community.

Any comment or feedback welcome.


Vladimir CordierRussian cover FINAL

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Project Management made in Russia

We are pleased to announce that “The 50 Golden Rules of Project Management” book/eBook will soon be available in Russian.
To find out more and be on the official mailing list, please contact

Over the last 2 years, the original English version has already assisted thousands of project managers worldwide to increase project success and decrease project uncertainty.

Vladimir Cordier, the author, is a specialist transformation consultant who partners with its clients to deliver complex business and IT change programmesMoscow.

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State of Project Management – UK Survey Results

Unfortunately, non-surprising findings from ‘The State of Project Management’ annual survey, the largest ever non-salary focused project management survey in the UK (686 PM professionals across 317 organisations). It clearly shows there is much work to be done! The percentage of projects that could be defined as failing is very significant, as is the relatively low levels of project management maturity across industry

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Project Management Survey – Interesting Findings 2 years in a row

Project Management Survey – Interesting Findings 2 years in a row.

For the second year in a row, I’ve been delivering a 1 day in-house project management course, designed to meet the needs of companies which want to educate and introduce their workforce to what project management is, which templates to use, what makes project succeed or fail, and which hard and soft skills good project managers shall master.

Last year, the audience was mainly IT & Finance people from Germany, UK & Japan. This year, attendees were mainly IT and Finance/Product Development/Operations from UK & Denmark. None of them had any formal project management certification, and their seniority went all the way from junior staff up to CxO level.

The last module of the course, consists of talking about the 50 golden rules of project management, why they are key to any project success, and ask the audience to select the most important one in each of the six categories.

Even though the audience has been very different this year from last year (different companies, different industries, different nationalities), it is interesting to see that there are 4 rules everyone agrees upon, as being the most important ones, when it comes to delivering successful projects:


Stay tuned and let see what next year results will be. Will these 4 rules still be at the top?

Vladimir Cordier is a Project/Programme Management professional, who specializes in delivering and rescuing IT, Outsourcing, Operations and Business Change projects for international organizations. He is also the author of “The 50 Golden Rules of Project Management” book.survey picture

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NEW RULE for free- check it out!

get lucky

NEW RULE! “The 50 Golden Rules of Project Management” best-selling international book, has got a NEW RULE! Check it out for free, share and post your comments.


Even though the core principles of project management and of this book are that project success is based on preparation and structure, no one is ever guaranteed to have it all covered. No matter how good or thorough you are, we are all at risk of missing a simple check, overlooking a key factor or to simply be at the mercy of a 3rd party who only provided you with incomplete or inaccurate data.

Hence even though we would never advise anyone to bet their project success on it, luck is sometimes what can bring the project back on track and save the day. Based on 10+ years’ worth of projects experience, I can say that 1 to 2% of my projects benefited from the “luck factor”. That’s why after having originally been reluctant to treat it as one of the rules, it is worth adding it as a “bonus” rule, as it is part of project’s everyday life and the exception which proves the other 50 rules. Moreover, that rule also demonstrates that sometimes you need to be pushed into a corner to find out that there are various solutions to a problem.

Real Life Project example – Tasked with implementing a new revolutionary IT system, Project Manager Tim is getting ready to welcome the IT consultants on-site, to start the set-up. But just few days before that key date, Tim realises that everything is not ready. A crucial piece of info is needed, and the 3rd party vendor never clearly mentioned it till that day. With an army of internal and external resources booked over the next few weeks, on the assumption that everything was ready, the pressure is at the maximum. But luckily enough, core members of the project team, both internally and externally, quickly confirm that an “intermediate” solution (never mentioned before either) could work. And to Tim’s surprise, it did work, and even facilitated a smoother implementation of the “final” solution overtime. That’s what you call being lucky!

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Projects without Project Managers – A False Economy?

How many times have you heard: “we don’t need to hire a project manager, it costs money, Bill will do!”. And off you go, within seconds the outcome of your project has been decided. {…}

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Vladimir Cordier 12th March London Project Challenge Show

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