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Even though the core principles of project management and of this book are that project success is based on preparation and structure, no one is ever guaranteed to have it all covered. No matter how good or thorough you are, we are all at risk of missing a simple check, overlooking a key factor or to simply be at the mercy of a 3rd party who only provided you with incomplete or inaccurate data.

Hence even though we would never advise anyone to bet their project success on it, luck is sometimes what can bring the project back on track and save the day. Based on 10+ years’ worth of projects experience, I can say that 1 to 2% of my projects benefited from the “luck factor”. That’s why after having originally been reluctant to treat it as one of the rules, it is worth adding it as a “bonus” rule, as it is part of project’s everyday life and the exception which proves the other 50 rules. Moreover, that rule also demonstrates that sometimes you need to be pushed into a corner to find out that there are various solutions to a problem.

Real Life Project example – Tasked with implementing a new revolutionary IT system, Project Manager Tim is getting ready to welcome the IT consultants on-site, to start the set-up. But just few days before that key date, Tim realises that everything is not ready. A crucial piece of info is needed, and the 3rd party vendor never clearly mentioned it till that day. With an army of internal and external resources booked over the next few weeks, on the assumption that everything was ready, the pressure is at the maximum. But luckily enough, core members of the project team, both internally and externally, quickly confirm that an “intermediate” solution (never mentioned before either) could work. And to Tim’s surprise, it did work, and even facilitated a smoother implementation of the “final” solution overtime. That’s what you call being lucky!

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